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Featured Testimonials

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    Coretta’s Story

    “I feel so much better, my blood pressure is back to normal, my knees no longer ache, and I have more energy. I've learned how important my health is and I want to be around for my family."

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    Patricia’s Story

    “The staff was very encouraging and the supplements helped me with my cravings for sweets! The combination of a healty diet and exercise made my weight loss dramatic. My skin is clear and my face glows! I can only attribute that to eating right.”

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    A. Torres’s Story

    “I've lost over 70lbs and 66 inches in my 16 week program. Its truly the easiest thing I have done.PWLC has taught me to eat properly and rebuild my metabolism. I want to say thank you to the staff and my extremely supportive wife Carolyn, who made all my meals and encouraged me all the way through!"

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    Janet’s Story

    “My story is a simple one. I had several health issues and I was tired of being overweight. When I first started my controlled carb program, I was on three different blood pressure medications a day as well as a cholesterol medication. since losing the weight I have come of two of the blood pressure medications and i am looking at coming off of the third. Good luck on your program and stick with it. Believe me, it is well worth it!”