In office Services

We carry a wide range of weight loss services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. These additional services are available in the office location only. Please call or stop by for more information on these services, current promotions and custom options.

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    Speed up metabolisim, improve immune system, and boost energy levels.

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    Laser/Cryo Body Contour

    Sculpts and tightens Face, Neck, Arms, Mid Section,Thighs, Glutes and More!

    • - Reduces Cellulite
    • - Tightens Skin
    • - Reduces Adipose Tissue (Fat)

  • Call us at 440-960-0474 to schedule a FREE consultation today!

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    Complete Health Screening

    Get an EKG, Blood Work up and Physical Exam for a fraction of the hospital and Dr. Office rates. Offered to the public and PWLC members.

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    Non-Invasive fat burning treatments for fatty areas that are hard to burn through diet and exercise.

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    Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Shots

    Weight Loss and energy drink. Great for increasing energy and enhancing weight loss.

  • Service Add ons

    Whole Body Vibration Machine

    Stimulates muscles to contract rapidly for the result of a 60 minute work out in 10 minutes! It also improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

    Body Composition Analysis

    Calculates body fat, muscle, bone mass, water weight, and current calorie intake for a more detailed weight loss monitoring.

    Prescription Weight Loss Options (Office Only)

    1. *HCG (Tabs,Drop,Inj)
    2. *Phentermine (Tabs)
    3. *HAF (Tabs)
    4. *Cyanocobalamin
    5. *Methyl cobalamin
    6. *MIC-B
    7. *Cellulite Reduction Tablets
    8. *Fiber Fillers (Gastric Bypass Alternative)