weight Loss Programs

Our weight loss programs are desiged for both men and women.

HCG 700

The *HCG 700 program is a reduced calorie program high in protein, low in carbs with a prescription hormone for an aggressive weight loss of 1lb per day.

  • 700 calorie diet, low in fat and low in cholesterol, and high in protein
  • Includes three meals per day
  • Perfect for those individuals who have trouble staying on a diet and who are looking to get their weight off in a shorter amount of time.

LIPOTROPIC Low Fat High Energy 900-1500

The Low Fat/High Energy 1000 program is a reduced calorie grocery store food program with Non - Invasive Fat burning Injections to maximise fat reduction in trouble areas.

  • Traditional, balanced meals
  • More variety and flexibility.

VLCD 700

The VLCD 700 program is a low carb, high protein grocery store food program for aggressive weight loss.

  • Maximum weight loss on a high protein, low carbohydrate program using fresh, grocery store foods.
  • Accelerated weight loss plan, designed to provide three pounds or more of weight loss a week

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Thermogenic Controlled Carb 1000

The Thermogenic Controlled Carb 1000 program is a reduced calorie phase program, specially designed to prevent plateauing.

  • Weight loss through low carb dieting with flexibility
  • Features foods that help a dieter feel full and satisfied for longer periods
  • Convenient weight loss for people on-the-go


Physicians Fast is a low carb, high protein meal replacement program designed with specially formulated puddings, shakes, soups, and crispy bar supplements for variety. This program provides the most structure with calorie and portion control.

  • Designed to promote quick and healthy weight loss and to encourage long-term weight maintenance.
  • This meal replacement program features supplements that are specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Dieters may select from a variety of pudding/shakes, crispy bars, and even a creamy chicken soup.
  • Perfect for those who don't have the time to prepare several balanced meals daily

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Normalization & Maintenance

After losing the weight, one is often left with the task of figuring out the activity level and how many calories it would take to maintain the weight lost. What foods to eat and wondering if you will be restricted forever?

Well, we are equipped with the latest technology to better meet your needs. At the end of each program, each client will be analyzed on our Tanita. This device is able to calculate each persons calorie level to ensure accuracy for maintenance. Each client is offered assistance in maintaining the weight lost. Our food exchange program is an easy process of trading out the reduced calorie plan for one that fits your schedule and life style.